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2017 prophetic words


This is what Father God said to me... Though you are in distressing, perilous times keep your eyes focused on me and my goodness. I will sustain you. I will care for your every need but you must stay focused on me. Do not look to the north, east, west or south. Look to me, I am the author and finisher of your faith. There will be many opportunities to develop (hone) your faith this year. Keep your eyes focused on my goodness and my mercy. Claim my goodness and my mercy in everything you endeavor to do this year. This is a year of change,

a year that will shake your foundation and a year that will shape your foundation. Everything that is not of me, not in faith will be cut off, incinerated, and destroyed. What is left will be a sure foundation with which to build upon.

- Debbie Brawley

You have spent the last year in upheaval and change and the coming year will be a year of violent change. Some of this disruption you have wished and hoped for. Some you will not see coming.

Change in jobs have and will come. Change in income have and will come. Change in living conditions have and will come. Change in leaders have and will come. Change in relationships have and will come.

Through it all however, both the good and bad change, you hold onto the hope of keeping your lives together, of being stable and assured.

I have a message for you; you are a broken people.

Your job may have changed and you are still a broken people. Your income may have changed and you are still a broken people. Your housing may have changed and you are still a broken people. Your relationships may have changed and you are still a broken people. Your leaders have changed and you are still a broken people.

Hear these words; brokenness is your true state, in this world. Some of you have forgotten this truth and it has driven a wedge between us in our relationship. You are not “Ok” “Fine” or “Alright”.

This however should not discourage you. Your brokenness, and your acknowledgement of your state, allows me to connect with you. Connection and relationship with you is what I desire and what I created you for.

In this year I call you to be a people of prayer. Do not use prayer, however, as a resolution to your brokenness. Prayer will be, and is always, your way to always be with me. Come to me, in earnest prayer, and let me resolve your brokenness continually, constantly, in real time and permanently.

Do not look to change in employment, income, living conditions, leaders or relationships as a way to solve your brokenness. Do not let yourself be deceived and remain blinded by imperfect and incomplete fixes to your brokenness.

Come to me in prayer and let us enjoy our time together, Father to Children.

In the love that I forever will come to you with, and will always have available for you, I will be the solution to your brokenness.

- Robert Sirmons

Triumph--But Lord, isn't this the same word You gave me last year? "That's the point I want to make. For those who live & breathe & have their being in Me, they can expect this to be a continuing reality, not a 'hoped for' experience."

Triumph: it's linked with overcoming & joy, despite oppression. Despite feeling inadequate, one is assured triumph in Christ. In reality the world doesn't fathom nor understand the depth of personal victory in Christ. The world gauges by one ruler, I by the odometer. Going the distance is the mark of perseverance & overcoming, triumph is the end result. Despite opposition, the heart sees by faith the goodness of God & trusts in His eternal compassion.

This is a year to stand your ground, hold fast to your faith & refuse to budge from it. Steadfast determination results in triumph & triumph exalts Me. I watch to perform My Word, so look to see fulfillment of scripture. As you see it, declare it fulfilled & I will perform even more. For the "watchers" of My Word are entrusted with much & they in turn are advanced in My Kingdom.

- Kellye Daniel

Be not afraid of the coming season. Indeed, much change is coming, but My hand is upon it. Stand fast in the knowledge that I am with you and that I am God over all. Truly, I say to you, embrace the work of My hand that is coming in this season. Though it be uncomfortable, embrace it. Though it cause you to shake and to tremble, embrace it. For I am in the midst of the storm, and I am making the way through the rain, through the fog, and through the mist. Do not be afraid, but know that I am God.

- Katherine Spann

Because my Church has obeyed me and answered my call to prayer for America, I will show myself great in 2017. I am the God that rewards those who diligently seek me. I am greater than all the tricks the enemy has thrown at you in 2016. Revenge is mine saying the lord. You have been held back from your rightful rewards.

Now stand in awe and watch me pour out my power and blessings on America and the Church. Watch me in this 3rd hour (call to prayer). I will show my self great with signs and wonders. The enemy will run for what I have planned. Keep seeking, praying, praising and worshiping me. Your worship is a sweet smelling aroma to me. Watch me show my Greatness in 2017.

- Waynona Covalt

The year 2017 will be a year of blessing for His people. The seed sown in the year twenty sixteen has been fertilized, nurtured, watered, and is ready to be harvested. The harvest is the blessing that will fill up the barns built by the Lord, for years to come. This harvest is not for future lack; rather it’s for meeting the needs of His people. This harvest will provide seed for years to come. I believe I heard Him say that His people will hear his voice and recognize it so clearly that the enemy will not have the ability to distort anything. His Spirit will lead with ease and His people will follow because they will recognize his voice.

- Mario Perez

John 11:40a............ if you believe, you will see the glory of God.

- Pastor Shawn Johnson

“And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” - Joshua 24:15 KJV

This will be a year of perspective. A year of sharpening vision. No longer will your trust in Me be casual and easy - a thing that takes little effort or thought from day to day. There will be a frequent, conscious, thoughtful choosing of whom you will serve.

In 2017, I will be asking you to walk a less traveled road that will take you to high places. Keep your eyes focused on me and I will make your feet sure in the climb. Don't look down to see if this is the path sanctioned by your fathers or to the side, comparing your journey to peers. Keep your eyes on Me and then, when you rest, you will find yourself sitting securely on Solid Rock.

At each rest point, drive a stake of testimony deep into the flint so those who follow will find a secure handhold. For you, though - in this next year, I will be the anchor you must reach for. But don't be afraid. I will faithfully lift you up. I will be your truth..... I will be your sure way...... and I will become your very life. When others around you lose vision and stumble, reach for them but do not let them pull you down. Keep your eyes focused on Me. When fellow climbers diverge from your path, don't lose heart. Just know that the road for each one is unique. They are secure and I alone know the plans I have for them.

Your diligent seeking will bring great reward. When you stand in high places, your perspective will change. What seemed BIG before will appear to you as small. The pollution that makes decision-making so foggy and unclear will yield to crisp, clear vision. You, also, will find you have become rugged and strong, well equipped for any challenge - ready to receive My "Well Done!"

I invite you to thoughtfully, intentionally and fiercely choose Me. I will lift you up and show you things you have never imagined!

- Pastor Linda Poston

What I believe the Lord to be saying to me is that a new year, a new chapter, a new change, a shifting, and a changing. Are you ready? Are you ready? I would say in this year is it’s a time of releasing new mantles, new anointings. It’s a time of signs, wonders, and miracles. There is a window open. Are you ready to step in to a new anointing? Are you ready? For I am raising new army in this hour that will humble themselves. For I am given the intercessors a double portion of intercession for I am shifting and changing.

- Irma Byers

The Year 2017 will be a year of the 5 Re-'s....

RETURN--those things which seemed to be taken away will be returned

RECOVER--that which seemed to be under great attack for recover! There will be a great recovering of America and the Body of Christ.

RESTORE--those things which seemed to be broken and destroyed will experience a great restoration.... health, relationships, finances, dreams, visions, and hopes.

REPLENISH--things which seemed to be depleted will be supernaturally replenished

REJOICE--there will be great reason to rejoice this year. God will receive much glory and many will respond to what He is doing in America.

- Tatum Marlatt

You have been in a time of testing, pruning, and learning about Me. This year it’s time to step out so you can step in. Step out in faith so you can step in to the blessing and your destinies. Some of you have fear. Fear paralyzes you. So I tell you I love you. I have gone before you and prepared the way. Some of you have fear of the unknown; some fear things might not work out as you plan. Some of you fear you will fall and make mistakes. My word to you: Step out. When you step out in faith you will step into my perfect plan. When you step out faith will override your fear. When you step out, trust that I am with you, and I will not let you down. I am doing a new thing. Step out of negative thinking. Forget regretting words that you have heard. I’m going to do things suddenly and supernaturally. Suddenly you will be healed; sudden deliverance from everything that has held you back; suddenly the right door will open; suddenly total restoration of relationships and other things that have been stolen. This is also a year when I am going to reveal myself through you and to you in brand new ways. Nothing is going to stop my plans and purpose for your life as an individual or as a church.

- Connie Whittenburg

Oh, my precious sons and daughters. Life has had its opportunities in 2016. But you are still standing and you will continue to stand. I am well able to work in your Life. Continue to BELIEVE. Stay focused on Me. I really can be simple to understand. Continue to Love one another this year, forgive one another, help one another, pray for one another, share my Son with others and the power and strength that comes through salvation. Receive Me in a greater dimension this year. Seek Me and you will find Me.

The best and only direction I can take you is higher in Me and the greatest place I can take you is deeper in Me. I only have good things in store for you. I am a Father who can only give good gifts to His children. Don’t strive to get them from Me. Just purely Love Me, Worship Me, Honor Me, Pour yourselves out to Me, Rest in Me, Trust in Me.

I am Your Father that can be trusted with everything in your life. Trust Me when you don’t see the road. Trust Me when you don’t see the door. Trust Me when nothing seems to be changing! Trust ME son, Trust Me daughter. I am GOOD and there is no darkness in ME. Greater things are yet to come! Because that’s who …I AM!

- Pastor Shellee Cox

This next year is the greatest one yet. 2017. It has my stamp of approval all over it. I place my stamp on finances because so many were in lack. My stamp will bring finances beyond your imagination. There will be intimacy beyond where any of you have gone or been up to now.

There is a great relational healing between the churches in my body of Christ. You will come together and make up an earthly army to fight with your heavenly armies and the enemy will be taken back 50 years because of your unity. You will be so advanced in technology that it will surprise those who are creating it. You will have your enemies number before he can even strike.

He is facing defeat after defeat after defeat. This is now a time when America will shine with my light, my power, and my glory and these will show up for all to see.

You are in “Times of Refreshing, Times of Abundance, Times of Adoration, Times of Renewal. This is your time to renew your relationship with me, says God.

I am moving mightily in all races of people and a great unity will happen not only in my body of Christ but in people of every race. Such a time as this has never been since Adam was created. There is much power released in this unity and those who represent me will display power you only thought was for the early church.

As signs and healings begin even on January 1 and get greater every month, you as my people will step into a release of miracles, of healings, you never thought possible. Your God will step out of obscurity and many will see me in visions, in dreams, in heavenly visits. This is your year of visitation and habitation. As I make habitation with you, and as I am welcomed by believers to show myself strong for them; then I will be available for greatness for you, your family, your church, your city, your state, and your nation. This period of GREATNESS will continue for the next 24 years.

I have placed my stamp on 2017 and you will never be the same again. The church is finally coming into the phase of windows open in heaven and me pouring out more blessing than you can hold. Now, instead of trying to get money, you as a body of Christ will be looking to give money. This will be the greatest season of GIVING this earth has ever known.

God is saying, “Oh how I have wanted to release these things but you were not ready for them yet, but now you have moved into a new era, new refreshing, and a Time of Greatness is being poured out on my people. And the signs of the times will spell out what I can do with a believing heart.

Look up, get up, it is time to run with the horses. Time to step into the realm of light and show forth my brightness. This is your time. Make good use of every minute. It is a gift from me.

- Pastor Virginia Brace

1 Corinthians 2:9 GNT

What no one ever saw or heard,

what no one ever thought could happen,

is the very thing God prepared for those who love Him.

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